I’ve worked in account management for various advertising agencies at different levels from Account Manager to General Manager for most of my career.

An Account Manager’s role is key to the business but they’re often thrown into situations with clients with little or no guidance and many lose confidence as they fail to manage and grow business effectively.

Many feel they are stuck at a junior level and not progressing but I think this is often down to an absence of mentoring and support, insufficient resource planning or a lack of training rather than a lack of ability.


It’s for this reason I have put this site together. It contains many good examples of tools, techniques, templates, best practice and principles that will arm the Account Manager with what they need to survive and thrive in their role. They have helped me in my career and I hope they will help you do the same.

Please drop me a line at Jenny@accountmanagementskills.com and let me know what challenges you are facing right now in your role as Account Manager.

To your success!