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About Jenny Plant

Jenny is an account management coach with over 20 years client handling experience in advertising and marketing. Typically she is invited in by senior management in creative agencies who are frustrated their account management team are not growing business or account managers struggling to progress their careers. You can find her in Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
The answer is questions…..

Are you struggling to connect with your prospect or client? Feeling like you don’t have much in common and your attempts at rapport building fallen flat?

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Client development plan template (PowerPoint)

The Client development plan template is a framework to help you navigate the types of questions you should be asking your client to help you identify their issues and challenges.

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Strategic account review outline PPT template

What have you done to help your client reach their objectives? What have been the successes while managing the account? What were the challenges?

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How to grow existing business by asking great questions

If you’d like to grow your account but not sure where to start, this book will help you step by step in the cross-selling process. You’ll have a template for how to approach a client and sell by

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How to conduct a performance review: A guide for Account Directors

If you’re new to the role of Account Director and are managing people for the first time, at some point you will be required to carry out a performance

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