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Client development plan template (PowerPoint)

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The Client development plan template is a one stop shop for helping you navigate the tricky business of client development. If you’d like to be 100{3e234da05fbbdc43a47fef4bb820620bdc41c4d21ad7649eedb08be0e65da68e} more organised, show your team that you really understand what it takes to develop your client’s business AND finally grow the account and achieve tangible results then it takes 2 minutes to download this template.

Re-use it over and over again for each of your clients. The template walks you through every aspect of client development from explaining why you should be focussing on growing existing clients to what questions to ask the client to get to the key ‘gold’ you need to identify their real issues and challenges and build trust and strengthen the relationship.

The Client development plan contains:


Part 1. An introduction to client development:

  • * The principles of client development
  • * Why looking after your existing accounts makes sense
  • * Why you should be asking your client great questions
  • * What’s stopping you from asking great questions right now
  • * Why lack of clarity can lead to loss of revenue
  • * What are you really selling?

Part 2. The Client Development Plan PowerPoint template:

  • * A step-by-step template you can complete for each of your clients over and over again
  • * Each section will help you identify what questions to ask the client and what information you should be gathering about your client’s business. What are their key challenges? How can you potentially help them with these challenges with your services and expertise?
  • * It will help you identify new business opportunities and formulate an action plan
  • * The completed PowerPoint template can also be used to present to your colleagues or senior management


Here’s what Jamie, a Group Account Director from Florida said about the plan:

“The Client Development Plan is the best strategic template I’ve come across in business. Its strategic systems have allowed us to be much more proactive in our clients business. This has led
to more meaningful relationships with our clients.”

So grab your client development plan now and stay ahead of the game.