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Top 3 podcasts for agency leaders [video]

By August 13, 2018 No Comments

Are you a podcast fan?

I find there’s a podcast for every area of my life in which I have an interest.

I like to try to keep ahead of what’s happening in the agency world.

If you are an agency leader or owner and want to listen to industry related podcasts, there are a few I would recommend listening to.

1. The 2Bobs podcast with David C. Bakerand Blair Enns.

This podcast is not only informative for those managing and running creative agencies but it provides thought-provoking strategies to help agency leaders think more commercially.

There’s loads of funny banter and you can see there’s a lot of affection between the two legends. I have to admit I’ve been binge listening to multiple episodes to catch up and often find myself laughing out loud at their dry sense of humour. 

2. The Agency Trailblazer podcast with Lee Jackson

Lee is a very charming interviewer and a driven entrepreneur on a mission to help other digital and web agency owners grow their business.

Lee runs his own web design agency Angled Crown and in his podcast he covers topics ranging from starting, growing and scaling your own agency.

He regularly interviews agency owners who are in the trenches themselves and who share their own tips and strategies for running an agency more efficiently.

You can pick up some brilliant tips to implement straight away. As a bonus Lee has a lovely voice to listen to!

3. The Smart Agency Masterclass podcast with Jason Swenk

Jason has built and sold his own agency and has loads of golden nuggets to share for other agency owners looking to do the same thing.

There are numerous quick fire tips and Jason shares his own journey and helps you avoid some of the potential pitfalls he has faced and overcome.

The content was so good I also bought his book.


Which podcasts do you listen to? Are they related to your work? Any you’d recommend?


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