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You’re an agency account manager looking to transform yourself and further your career by investing in new skills that’ll take you to the next level. You’ll find templates and resources to help you so dive in and find the most relevant training option for you.

account manager success plan online programme

Learn how to retain and grow existing client business following our signature course, a step-by-step 12 video training programme with templates, tools, scripts, models and workbooks to help embed the knowledge.

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client development plan powerpoint template

Capture your client growth key actions and next steps in this comprehensive model and one-stop shop template. Thirty slides, half instruction half fillable template with examples.

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strategic account review template

Evaluate and continually improve your account management performance by carrying out a strategic review after each big project. This essential template has thirty slides, half instruction half fillable template with examples.

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one day account retention and growth workshop

Improve your own performance and knowledge of client development by spending a day immersed in client development strategy. Learn the strategies, models and tactics every account manager should have. Includes all templates.

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presentations skills online

Not feeling confident about presenting in front of clients? Want to avoid the big mistakes most account managers make and learn the secrets to a flawless pitch all from the privacy and comfort of your office or home?

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how to become a strategic partner one day workshop

Do you want to feel empowered to brief, develop and propose plans that deliver the client’s strategic and campaign goals? Not familiar with strategy?

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