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10 questions you should ask yourself if you want more clients to buy from you

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Are you being interesting or interested?

1. What does your ideal client look like?

If you can’t, how do you determine who you should be targeting and accepting RFPs from? e.g. size, reach, business model, industry sector, business practices, location, life cycle etc)?

2. Does your ideal client know who you are and what you do?

If not what are you doing to rectify that?

3. Is what you’re offering something that’s going to ensure they want to work with you?

How do you know? How often do you ask this to prospective clients?

4. Are you being interested or interesting?

Are you asking your existing clients enough relevant questions to ensure you gather the right information to be able to present answers to their real problems? Or are you too busy trying to sell your services to them?

5. Are you helping your clients think about their business differently?

Are you helping them uncover and solve their biggest problems and continually ensuring you understand the real issues affecting their business and them personally? If not, how are you differentiating yourself from other agencies?

6. How closely are you paying attention to the state of the relationship with your current clients?

Or are you just focusing on delivering what you need to in order to keep the business?

7. Are you asking your committed clients for referrals regularly?

If not, do you ask them for testimonials? How could you introduce this concept to your account management team?

8. Are you holding strategic review meetings with your clients?

How else do you ensure you know what’s coming down the pipeline in their business and thinking about how you could help?

9. Are you paying attention to them, the competition, the market, trends?

Do you think you’re one step in front or two steps behind?

10. Are you looking for new business often and effectively?

How could you spend your time more efficiently?

Have these questions prompted you to think about something new or did you have everything covered? Please leave a comment in the box below.

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