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Do you really have to pitch to win business?…..[video interview]

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…..Marcus Cauchi doesn’t think so.

In this video interview Marcus offers advice to those working as account managers in ad agencies on how to ensure you don’t end up looking, sounding and charging like a commodity provider.

You’ll also discover:

* Why you should assume that all RFPs (Request For Pitch) are bogus

* Why it’s important to understand the real reason clients buy your services

* How you need to focus on helping clients achieve their big strategic objectives

* Why many agencies abdicate their control and power with their clients

* What an ‘up front contract’ is and how to use it

* Why it’s essential to invest time and money on understanding the terms of your contract

* How to fill your new business pipeline through prospecting and asking for referrals

And lots more. Watch the video here:

If you’d like to contact Marcus to ask him how he manages to combine a sharp business mind with sales techniques that will grow your business, you can contact him at mcauchi@sandler.com.


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